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California counsel fight for reinstatement, back pay, and other remedies when employers wrongfully fire you

In California, employees are generally considered “at-will” employees. This means, with some key exceptions, that employers may discharge an employee without a reason and at a moment’s notice. The exceptions are your rights. Most employers cannot discriminate when they fire someone. If there is a written contract between the employee and employer, the contract takes priority. Workers cannot be fired or suffer retaliation for asserting their constitutional and legal rights.

At Stephan Danz & Associated, we hold employers to the requirements of state and federal law. We assert when any of the key exceptions do apply, that the employer rehire the worker immediately, that the worker be compensated for any financial losses, and that the employer pay legal fees and other authorized damages including, when authorized, punitive damages. Our top-rated California wrongful termination lawyers investigate the employer’s records in hiring and firing, examine computer-generated evidence, take statements of supervisors and co-workers, and subpoena relevant witnesses in order to help prove the termination was wrongful.

Types of wrongful termination lawsuits

When a wrongful termination occurs, our Los Angeles California attorneys file claims before the propr local and federal agencies and courts. Some of the various kinds of employment discrimination cases, Stephan Danz & Associates handles are:

  • Employment Discrimination. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act along with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) forbid certain employers from firing someone because of their race, color, place of national origin, gender, sexual identity, or because they have a disability. The number of employees in the company or organization is a key factor in determining which employers must follow these laws. Whether the employer is a government agency or private entity is another factor. Our California wrongful termination lawyers understand which employers must obey which laws. Other laws also prohibit firing based on pregnancy or military service.
  • Being fired for asserting legal rights. Employers have no right to fire someone who properly files a worker’s compensation claim, requests leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, complains about OSHA safety violations, or asserts any other legal rights.
  • Whistleblower retaliation. Various federal and state laws encourage workers to disclose to the government that an employer or contractor is committed fraudulent or illegal acts. The statutes which allow these workers the right to disclose wrongdoing normally also protect workers from retaliation by an employer whose bad conduct was exposed. Employers also do not have the right to fire an employee who refuses to commit an illegal act on behalf of the employer.
  • Constructive wrongful termination. Often, an employer will try to subtly force an employee to quit by making working conditions insufferable. Employers who deliberately create a hostile environment should be held accountable for this rotten conduct. Our California wrongful firing attorneys work to show the work conditions were intolerable and that the employee did he/she could reasonably do to work around them and properly filed complaints with supervisors and the employer.
  • Contract violations. Management employees and essential employees often have written contracts that set forth when and how their services can be terminated. When employers fail to honor these contracts, Stephen Danz & Associates has the professional experience and strong advocacy skills to bring a breach of contract lawsuit.

Damages and remedies for wrongful termination

Employers who violate a written contract are obligated to pay the damages that are detailed in the contract. Employees who are fired because of discrimination and other unlawful reasons can be held liable for some or all of the following:

  • Back pay
  • Job reinstatement
  • Any lost commissions
  • Emotional distress
  • Legal fees
  • Fines set forth in any statutes
  • Punitive damages
  • Interest

Employers may also be forced to take appropriate steps to put other employees on notice about their rights and to prevent improper firings from happening again.

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