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In cases where there are disputes with employers, the employers always have more experienced lawyers on their side. Employees need attorneys who are more skilled at asserting employee rights and anticipating the arguments employers make. Employees who are wrongfully terminated should get their job back with back pay and back benefits. Workers have the right to hold employers accountable who are wrongfully discriminating in the process of hiring, promotions, and termination. They should face the consequences for their wrongdoings. Damages in many cases include more than just compensating the employee for the wrong. The employer may also be required to pay the employee statutory fines, punitive damages, and the employee’s legal fees.

At Stephen Danz and Associates, our Ventura County employment lawyers have the trial experience, resources, and tenacity to help employees get justice in federal courts, state courts, arbitration panels, mediation, and all appropriate agencies. Our lawyers have been rated at the top of their profession by the most respected legal-rating agencies. We have 16 lawyers statewide to serve you. Our founding attorney, Stephen Danz, oversees the litigation department across the entire state. We have offices across the state of California, including our Ventura County office at 2655 First St Simi Valley, CA 93065

Our Ventura County employee rights practice areas

Our lawyers handle a broad range of labor cases including the following:

  • Wrongful termination. Employers who are covered under the laws cannot discriminate against workers when firing them. Employers also cannot retaliate against a worker who asserts his/her rights by filing a legal claim or disclosing employee misconduct. Our Ventura County employment lawyers also bring claims because a woman was wrongfully fired because she was pregnant.
  • Sexual harassment. Employers and their management team cannot suggest or pressure workers to give sexual favors in return for advancing their careers. Employers can also be held accountable if they create an environment which makes the employee feel uncomfortable because of their sex. This includes failing to have policies to address lewd comments, posting of sexual pictures on social media, slurs, and other unconscionable verbal abuse and physical conduct.
  • Leave of absence. We represent qualified employees when employers refuse to give them unpaid leave, under the Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Leave Act, or  refuse the employee their right to take time off to care for a family member, time to take care of a newborn or time for a newly adopted child bond with the parent. We also fight for employees when employers violate the employee right to absences (many of which the employee has the right to be paid for) for illness, jury duty, disability leave, a work injury, and other matters.
  • There are numerous laws such as the U.S. Civil Rights of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) that forbid discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age (40 and above), disability, pregnancy, and other identity characteristics. We hold employers who violate these laws accountable by making them pay all the damages and penalties the law requires they pay. Discrimination includes improper application questions, failing to train a worker or give him/her the proper tools to do their job, failing to promote someone, and wrongful firing. It also includes the employer retaliating against a worker who complains of workplace discrimination.
  • Unpaid wages. We demand that employers pay employees the full wages they are due. This includes contractual pay, overtime pay, meal breaks, and double pay. Employers must also pay their employees on time or pay extra for their delay.
  • Breach of employment contracts. Our California employment lawyers demand that employers pay all contracted benefits including stock options, retirements benefits, commissions and bonuses
  • Whistleblower claims. Whistleblower laws reward employees who properly disclose fraud (and if a recovery is obtained) involving Medicare, Medicaid, the IRS, the U.S. Department of Justice, the securities sector, and other governmental agencies. We hold employers liable if they retaliate against an employee who is being honest and helping the government find any fraud the employer might be committing. Employers cannot retaliate if you refuse to do something illegal, disclose the fraud to the government, or complain that the employer is breaking any law.
  • Workers’ compensation. Employees who suffer a workplace accident or an occupational illness are entitled to 2/3 of their lost wages until they return to work and payment of all reasonable medical bills. Our Ventura County employment lawyers work to properly classify the worker’s injuries (if the injury is permanent, the worker may be entitled to additional pay), to make sure the worker isn’t forced back to work too soon, and to arrange for long-term settlements. We handle other work injury matters too including requesting that vocational rehabilitation expenses be paid when justified.
  • Employment fraud. This type of fraud includes misrepresentations by the employer about pay and benefits, the nature of the job, recruiting for a job that the employer doesn’t have, and other types of dishonest conduct.
  • Pressure to quit. We handle cases where the employer creates a hostile environment which forces an employee to either work under unbearable conditions or quit. Our lawyers also represent employees when the employer denies unemployment claims.

We also represent employees when employers seek to restrict their employment after the employment relationship ends and when employers falsely demand that employers are using trade secrets and intellectual property.

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