Stephen Danz & Associates. Strong Advocacy for Santa Cruz Employees

Stephen Danz & Associates. Our firm is the largest employee rights firm in California. We have offices across the state including convenient offices for workers who reside in Santa Cruz, California.

Our 16 lawyers are seasoned trial attorneys and litigators. We hold employers accountable when they fail to hire an applicant for discriminatory reasons, refuse to hire a qualified employee, and wrongfully terminate a worker – based on the color of the worker’s skin, their sex, a disability, or some other factor that has nothing to do with their ability to do the job well. We fight for justice when sexual harassment in the workplace occurs. Our lawyers help injured workers get their workers’ compensation benefits. When employees discover that their employer is cheating the government, our attorneys guide that employee through the whistleblower process. We handle the full range of employee rights issues.

Our founding partner, Stephen Danz, has been an employee advocate since 1988. His work has been recognized as of the highest quality by the legal community and the California public. Attorney Danz oversees the claims that are brought before all of the firm’s offices.

Our Santa Cruz employee rights mission

Stephen Danz & Associates only litigates on behalf of employees and only employees. We bring cases in federal and California courts. We also pursue employment cases before governmental agencies and in front of a board of arbitrators. Our lawyers demand the workers be reinstated, that they be paid all the income and work benefits they deserve, and that employers be punished by having to pay statutory damages and punitive damages. We fight to get the employee everything he/she deserves.

Our Santa Cruz employee rights practice areas

Our lawyers represent Santa Cruz employees in the following kinds of cases:

  • Employee discrimination. Employers are bound by many federal and state discrimination laws. Some of these laws include the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans against Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Some of the California discrimination acts that apply to local workers include California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) and a new law called the California Fair Pay Act. Our Santa Cruz employee discrimination lawyers understand which laws apply to different types of discrimination. Some of the types of discrimination cases our firm handles are:
    • Race discrimination
    • Gender discrimination
    • Age discrimination
    • Discrimination based on national origin
    • Discrimination based on a disability
    • Sexual orientation discrimination
    • Discrimination based on pregnancy

In addition to wrongful firing, failed promotions, and a refusal to even consider an employee because of his/her identity – our firm handles cases when the employer creates a hostile environment. A hostile workplace is one where the worker is allowed to come to work but is made to feel so uncomfortable that the worker would rather stay home.

  • Sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is illegal. The Equal Employment Opportunity Council defines sexual harassment as requests for sexual favor, sexual advances that are “unwelcome”, and other actions with a sexual component – where a refusal to submit can affect the employee’s employment status.

When an employer allows sexual harassment to occur, our Santa Cruz sexual harassment lawyers demand that the action stop, that the employee pay compensation for any financial loss and for the anguish of the woman or man being sexually harassed. We also often seek punitive damages to punish the employer, legal fees, and that the employer put in place a policy to address sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Whistleblower cases. The federal government relies on employees and others to disclose government fraud including employers who are dishonest in Medicare, Medicaid, IRS, defense, and securities contracts. To encourage employers to step forward, there are laws such as the False Claims Act and the Dodd-Frank Act which reward employees who properly disclose fraud and help the government collect a recovery against the wrongdoer. Our Santa Cruz whistleblower and qui tam lawyers explain what types of disclosures are required, how large the recovery must be, the role of the whistleblower, and the other legal factors that must be met– to merit an award. Awards can range from 10 to 30 % of the recovery. We also bring claims when employers retaliate against employees who are acting within their rights.
  • Hour and wage litigation. Employees who work overtime deserve to be paid overtime rates. Employers cannot downgrade an employee or fail to pay a bonus when an employee has performed valuable work for the client. Workers who work more than a few hours in a shift or day are generally entitled to paid meal breaks. Our Santa Cruz wage and hour lawyers demand that employers pay the worker what he/she is entitled to and that they pay fines and legal fees so they understand their duty to comply with California’s wage laws.
  • Medical leave violations. The federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Medical Leave Act require that covered employers provide unpaid time off for qualified workers who need to care for a family member or who need time to bond with a child. Our Santa Cruz employment attorneys hold employers accountable when they fail to comply with these compassionate laws.
    • California workers‘ compensation. If an accident at work means you can’t work, our lawyers fight to get your lost wages and medical bills paid on time and in the right amounts. We craft long-term settlements when employees have permanent injuries. We represent families when a loved one dies while working. Our lawyers demand that workers return to work only when they are able and we guide them through dealing with independent medical exams and nurse case managers.


At Stephen Danz and Associates, we also represent employees when employers fail to honor the terms of written contracts and when employers make false claims or unreasonable claims against the employee.

For help with any type of employment issue, please call Stephen Danz & Associates at (877)-789-9707 for a free consultation. Our attorneys are ready to help you get justice and the compensation you deserve.