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Fighting for San Francisco Employees and Workers since 1988

Stephen Danz & Associates is recognized by the California legal community and the public for its dedication to helping workers fight for the rights they’ve earned and the wages and benefits they deserve. Our firm has offices throughout the state including our San Francisco law office located at 235 Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA 94104

We have 16 lawyers who understand how difficult it is to find and keep work in today’s economy. We work hard to make sure employers treat workers fairly by hiring them for the quality of their work and not their race, sex, or other identity characteristics. We demand reinstatement when discrimination takes place. Our attorneys fight to get workers overtime pay, negotiated contractual pay and back pay. We help injured workers get work injury benefits while they’re out of work. When employers commit fraud against the government, our legal team has the experience to guide whistleblowers through the complaint process and to help the whistleblower get a justifiable percentage of the profits.

Our respect for each client and our strong advocacy is guided by our founder Attorney Stephen Danz. Mr. Danz has received top tier ratings from the country’s legal rating agencies such as SuperLawyers and Avvo. Mr. Danz oversees the litigation across the firm’s offices and attorneys.

Our San Francisco employment law mission

At the San Francisco law office of Stephen Danz & Associates, we only represent employees – not employers. We have a reputation for successful advocacy because we understand the labor and employment laws, conduct extensive discovery, and anticipate most, if not all, of the defense arguments – all while guiding the employee through each stage of the litigation. Our litigators are experienced in arguing cases in federal and state courts and before governmental agencies.

Our employment law practice areas

We handle a broad variety of employment law cases including the following:

  • Employment discrimination. There are many laws that govern employment discrimination. The US Civil Rights Law governs discrimination in employment. The Americans against Disabilities Act governs discrimination at the federal, state, and local levels. These and other laws govern discrimination based on gender, national origin, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation, and other identity factors.

Our San Francisco employment discrimination lawyers demand the following, depending on the facts:

  • That an employee who is wrongfully terminated be given his/her job back
  • That an employee who does not get a promotion because of discrimination – gets that promotion
  • That employers interview and seriously consider all applicants no matter their identity background
  • That employees get back pay and back benefits when warranted and increased pay and benefits when they should have gotten a promotion
  • That the employer pay statutory damages or punitive damages for failing to follow the laws
  • That the employer pays the employee’s legal fees
  • Whistleblower cases. The US government relies on employees and others to disclose employer fraud against the government. This includes false invoices, misrepresentations, using below quality goods, and many other deceptions. If the fraud involves the IRS, Medicare, Medicaid, the US Department of Defense, securities fraud, or other governmental frauds – the whistleblower who discloses the fraud may be entitled to a percentage of any recovery.


Our San Francisco whistleblower and qui tam attorneys help guide whistleblowers through the disclosure process to help them qualify for a recovery while respecting their personal right. One key right that we pursue is holding employers accountable for retaliation against any employer who blows the whistle.

  • Sexual harassment. Women and men have the right to be free from any sexual pressures or abuse at work. Managers and people in authority positions at work cannot threaten that a worker won’t be promoted or treated with respect unless the worker agrees to sexual favors with the employer. Nobody at work has the right to create a hostile work environment. It is unlawful to have a work environment where the worker is afraid to come to work, or when anyone is verbally assaulting or harassing an employee with suggestive or uncomfortable sexual comments or conduct.
  • Wage and Hour Litigation. Our San Francisco wage/hour lawyers are respected for fighting for workers who don’t get paid overtime benefits, don’t get full health and other benefits, or who don’t get the right pay because they are improperly classified with a low-grade pay scale. We also use California law to force employers to give employees paid meal breaks when appropriate.
  • Medical leave violations. The Family and Medical Leave Act and California’s medical leave law requires that employers in medium and large companies make unpaid leave available, if the worker has enough credits they are entitled a leave in the following cases: If a parent, child, or spouse needs time off to care for a sick relative or if a parent needs time to care for a newborn or to help a foster child or adult child adapt to a new home
  • Workers compensation. Our San Francisco work injury attorneys fight to make sure workers aren’t forced back to work before they are ready. Or that they are not forced to do work which doesn’t match their job skills. We fight to get work injuries properly classified as temporary or permanent and as partial or full to determine rightful compensation. We demand all the wage loss pay that the law allows, payment for all necessary medical bills to get well and stay well, and other merited costs that may apply such as vocational rehabilitation expenses.
  • Intellectual property. When employers falsely claim that a worker is not allowed to use trade secrets or other forms of intellectual property, our lawyers review the appropriate contracts and assert the relevant laws to help the worker start a new job.

We handle many other employment issues too such as restrictive covenants and employment contract disputes.

To speak with a caring San Francisco employment labor attorney, please call us at 877-789-9707 to schedule a free consultation. We have the resources and experience to help you get justice.