Stephen Danz & Associates.

Turning Employer Wrongs into Employee Rights

Stephen Danz & Associates is the foremost employment litigation firm in California. We have been fighting for the rights of employees since 1988. We have offices in all the major cities in California including our San Diego law office located at 925 B St. Ste 605, San Diego, CA 92101

Our 16 dedicated employment law attorneys have been helping California workers get justice in the courts and before government agencies for several hundred combined years. Our lawyers are respected for their understanding of the state and federal work and employment laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Civil Rights Act of 1866. We also use the California Labor and Employment laws to help our clients.

We seek reinstatement when employees have been wrongfully terminated. Our lawyers fight to get employees all the pay and work benefits they deserve. We bring claims for civil damages and punitive damages in cases such as sexual harassment. In many of the cases we file for our clients, we are able to obtain payment of legal fees.

Attorney Stephen Danz, the founder partner, actively oversees the practice. He has received top ratings by the premier legal rating agencies and the respect of his peers because of his ability to take cases to trial, to negotiate just settlements, and to advise the other lawyers in the firm on best practices.

The employment law mission of our San Diego office

Stephen Danz & Associates advises clients of their employee rights and then actively seeks enforcement of those rights through the California justice system. We are dedicated to maximizing our resources, skills, and experience on behalf of every worker who is being treated unfairly or improperly by his or her employer.

Our San Diego employment practice areas

Our attorneys are ready to assist employees with the full range of employment issues they have including the following:

  • Discrimination cases. There are many laws that govern discrimination at work. These laws protect workers who are discriminated against because of their:
    • Race
    • National origin
    • Gender
    • Disability
    • Age
    • Other identity factors

Each law is different. In general, when the laws apply, they require that an employer cannot discriminate in the hiring, firing, or work advancement of the employee. The employer also cannot create a hostile work environment to pressure the employee to leave. Remedies include reinstatement, back pay and back benefits, cessation of the wrongdoing, payment of legal fees, and statutory penalties.

  • Whistleblower and qui tam cases. Employees and workers who disclose employer fraud against the government can be entitled to a significant percentage, sometimes as much as 30%, of any recovery that is made by the Department of Justice or through the courts against the wrongdoers. Qui tam actions are cases brought pursuant to the False Claims Acts. Whistleblowers can also bring fraud claims on behalf of the IRS, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other entities.


Our San Diego whistleblower lawyers explain when and how recoveries are possible and guide employees through the litigation and recovery process. We also bring lawsuits against employers who try to punish the whistleblower by firing the whistleblower or adversely affecting the employee’s work prospects.

  • Sexual harassment. Employers cannot, through the owners, management, or other employees, force employees to give any sexual favor in return for advancing the employee’s career. Employers cannot deliberately make an employee feel unwanted or uncomfortable at work because of their gender. Our San Diego sexual harassment lawyers demand that employers be held accountable by requiring the employer to stop the misconduct and pay damages to the employee who is being sexually harassed.
  • Wage and Hour Litigation. California lawyer mandates that employees who qualify to be paid their full overtime including back overtime and get the meal breaks they deserve. Employees should also be classified correctly so they get the wages and payments they have earned. Bonuses should be paid for work performance.
  • Family leave laws. The Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act allows qualifying employees the right to take time off from work to help a spouse, parent, or child who is sick. Employees also are allowed time to bond with a newborn child, a foster child, or an adopted child. Our San Diego family leave attorneys can explain who is eligible for family leave, the length of the leave allowed, and your rights if an employer fails to give you the leave you deserve.
  • Workers compensation. California, like all states, requires that employers pay employees 2/3 of their average wages for the time they cannot work due to a work-related accident or an occupational illness – up to specific time limits. Employees with any type of permanent injury may be entitled to additional benefits. Employers are also required to pay or have insurance pay for the needed hospital, doctor, and other healthcare expenses of the employee required to improve the employee’s health. Workers may also be entitled to vocational rehabilitation expenses in some cases.

Our lawyers also handle the following types of disputes

  • Employment contracts should not ominously limit the employee’s ability to get and keep new work.
  • Employers cannot falsely charge employees with taking unauthorized trade secrets or intellectual property.

Whatever type of employment questions you have, Stephen Danz & Associates is ready to help you get answers and to seek legal enforcement of your rights when you have a valid claim. We demand that employers follow the federal and state laws which protect the hard-working employees of San Diego. For help now, please phone us at (877)-789-9707 to speak with one of our caring lawyers.