Stephen Danz & Associates Fights for the Rights of Injured Employees

Since 1988, Stephen Danz & Associates, has led the charge to make sure employees understand their legal rights and have the legal ability to hold dishonest employers accountable. While we are based in Los Angeles, we have many statewide offices including our San Bernardino office at 505 N. Arrowhead Highway, San Bernardino, CA 92401.

Our 16 attorneys help employees get justice before California and federal agencies and in state and federal courts. We can assist you in almost every type of employment injustice issue. Our lawyers guide clients through each phase of their case from the initial filings to a hearing or court trial. Lead attorney Stephen Danz has been honored by the top legal rating agencies for his employment litigation experience. He understands how much workers depend on the law to make employers treat them fairly.

The core aims of our San Bernardino employment law firm

Stephen Danz & Associates is dedicated to helping only employees. Employment is the only type of law we practice. If employers interfere with your rights, our lawyers are ready to help. We have the knowledge, resources, and skills to try your cases, meet the challenges presented by defense lawyers, and settle your cases when a fair result is obtained.

Some of our San Bernardino employment law practice areas

Our firm represents employees who are being treated improperly. We bring legal defense in the following types of cases:

Qui tam and whistleblower cases. Government agencies depend on the courage of honest employees to step forward and disclose employer fraud. Fraud can include charging the government for services that weren’t rendered or weren’t need. Fraud can include making misrepresentations on tax returns. There are various types of fraud including Medicare and Medicaid fraud, securities fraud, and dishonest transactions with the U.S. Department of Defense.

To encourage whistleblowers to step forward, many government agencies offer those who disclose fraud a percentage of the recovery. Our law firm helps workers make sure they disclose the fraud in the correct way so they’ll be eligible for the percentage.

Discrimination lawsuits. There are federal and California laws that prohibit many employers from discriminating based on national origin, race, gender, age, disability, pregnancy, or sexual orientation. Discrimination laws apply to the hiring and firing of employees. The laws also apply to employers who fail to promote or train eligible employees. Employers also cannot create a hostile work environment to pressure the employee into quitting.

When discrimination takes place, our San Bernardino employment lawyers demand the employees be reinstated, be paid their back pay and benefits, and that the employer pays the legal fees.

Sexual harassment. Employers cannot unduly use their authority at work to gain sexual favors or make the employee feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Sexual harassment is inexcusable. We hold unscrupulous employers accountable by demanding that the harassment cease immediately, that the employer pays for damages caused by the harassment, and that the employer be penalized to stop the future misconduct.

Wage and Hour Litigation. Our San Bernardino hour and wage attorneys hold employers liable when they fail to pay their workers the overtime they’ve earned and to give them the meal breaks they deserve. We work to see that employees are properly classified so they get the wages they should, and work to get them paid the bonuses they’ve earned.

Medical leave to help the sick or those who are new to the family. There are federal and state medical leave acts that give eligible children, parent, and spouses, the right to take unpaid leave to help someone in the family who is ill or to help a newborn or newly adopted child adjust. Our San Bernardino Family Medical Leave Act lawyers understand when employees can take time off and what their remedies are when the employer doesn’t allow the leave.

Workers compensation. Employees who are injured while working or need to stop working because of an occupational illness have the right to get 2/3 of their lost wages until they can return to the work and to have their medical bills paid. Employees with permanent disabilities may be entitled to additional benefits. Employees may also be entitled to vocational benefits so that they can learn for a new job.

Intellectual property. Our San Bernardino attorneys aggressively fight employers who wrongfully accuse employees of misappropriating trade secrets and other types of intellectual property

If you were wrongfully terminated, aren’t getting the pay you deserve, or are being treated differently than other employees, the San Bernardino office of Stephen Danz & Associates is ready to help you get justice by enforcing your rights. Please call us at (877)-789-9707 to speak with one of our caring attorneys.