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Helping California Employees Asset Their Rights since 1988

Stephen Danz & Associates is one of the most respected employment law firms in Orange County California. We have 16 lawyers who practice across the major cities in the state including our Orange County office located at 2020 Main St. Irvine, CA 92614.

Our employment attorneys are dedicated legal servants who respect how hard Californians fight to obtain and keep a good job. We understand that employees expect to be paid for all the work they do including overtime. California workers are protected by many federal and state laws that forbid most forms of employment discrimination for large and medium sized private and public companies. Our legal team has hundreds of years of combined experience. We use that experience to explain your rights, conduct extensive discovery when employers treat you unfairly and bring legal claims in the courts and before government agencies. Lead attorney Stephen Danz has been top-rated by some of the country’s top-rated legal rating services such as SuperLawyers. He supervises all the cases that come through the Orange County office.

Our Orange County Employment Law Goals

Stephen Danz & Associates is only on the employee’s side, we do not represent employers. Our Orange County employment law firm has the experience, talent, and resources to try cases before juries, judges, and arbitration panels. We only settle cases when the offer is fair and our clients are satisfied. In cases of extreme violation, we demand punitive damages. In wrongful termination cases, our lawyers demand that employees be reinstated.

Our Orange County Employment Law Practice Areas

Stephen Danz & Associates handles a broad range of cases including:

Discrimination in the workplace. Employers must treat job applicants and their employees fairly. Applicants cannot be disqualified because of their race, sex, or other factors. Employees should get promotions based on merit and no other factors. We have seen cases such as the employer being uncomfortable working with someone for reasons related to their identity which is illegal by law. Employees cannot be fired or terminated because of appearance or personal characteristics. Employers also cannot create a hostile environment at work making it so uncomfortable that the employee wants to leave. Discrimination includes wrongful treatment based on:

  • Race
  • National origin
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Other factors


Whistleblower and quit tam cases. The government relies on honest citizens to disclose fraud by companies. Businesses sadly submit false invoices, use below quality parts, charge for services that aren’t needed, misrepresent the truth, scheme, and commit other illegal actions, Government fraud occurs in many different sectors including the IRS, Medicaid, Medicare, the U.S. defense department, securities, and other areas.

Employees who discover employer fraud have the right to get a percentage of any recovery if they properly follow the laws and submit their claim in the proper way. Our attorneys have the experience to guide employees through the disclosure process and the recovery litigation. We also protect workers if the employer retaliates against the employer by firing them.

Sexual harassment. Employers and their managers cannot use their position of authority to demand sexual performance from any employee. Employers and their staff and vendors cannot intentionally make coming to work uncomfortable for any worker. When any discomfort occurs, such as verbal abuse or intimidation, and any gender-related discrimination, we demand the conduct stop, that the employee is compensated for the wrong, and that the employer pay fines and attorney’s fees to deter the employer from treating others the same horrible way.

Wage and Hour Litigation. Our Orange County wage and hour attorneys demand that employees be paid all the wages they’ve earned including overtime. We demand that they get their meal breaks, that their qualifications be properly classified so they get the correct pay scale, and that they are treated fairly on all wage and hour related issues.

Family medical leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act and California’s own medical leave law allow many employees the right to take unpaid leave when a close relative is in need of medical help. These laws also allow the employee to take unpaid time off to care for a newborn or to welcome a foster or adopted child into the employee’s home. Employers who violate these laws can be forced to comply with them and be forced to pay monetary damages and legal fees for noncompliance.

Workers’ compensation. Our Orange County workers’ compensation attorneys fight to protect workers who are injured on the job or suffer an occupational disease. We understand when an employee must return to work and when they have the right to stay home and finish recovering. We demand payment of the lost wages that California’s work injury laws allow, payment for all reasonable medical bills, and other justifiable compensation. In permanent injury cases, we also have the experience to negotiate lump sum settlements.

Additional practice areas. We handle almost every type of employment case. Some of the other areas we handle include protecting employees who signed contracts with restrictive covenants and defending employers when employers complain the employee took intellectual property.

If you have any reason to believe an employer treated you unfairly, please call the Orange County office of Stephen Danz & Associates for help. We have the experience you need. Please phone us at 877-789-9707 to schedule a free consultation.