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Strong Advocacy for Monterey, California Employees When Employers Fail to Follow the Law

Stephen Danz & Associates lawyers have obtained over $500 million in damages for employees who suffered employee wrongs. We have also helped numerous employees who have been wrongfully terminated to get their jobs back. We have locations throughout the state of California, Also in Monterey.

Our 16 statewide attorneys have influenced the lives of thousands of workers in individual wage claims, discrimination lawsuits, and class action litigation against employers who violate employee rights. We take cases on a contingency fee basis which means we don’t get paid until we win or the case settles. Our lawyers are current and up to date with the changing federal discrimination, whistleblower, medical leave, and wage loss laws as well as all other relevant labor laws. Our attorneys prepare each case for a jury trial, hearing, or arbitration depending on which forum has authority to hear the case. The Founding attorney, Stephen Danz, supervises the litigation in all of our offices. Attorney Danz has been fighting for employees who suffer employer wrongs since 1988.

Our Monterey employment law mission

Stephen Danz & Associates only litigates on behalf of employees. We do not represent employers. We are dedicated to treating each client as though he/she were a member of our family. We investigate each claim, conduct discovery which allows us to determine what wrongs the employer committed, and persuasively argue violations of the laws when employers disregard federal and state laws. In many cases, we demand statutory damages and payment of legal fees in addition to job reinstatement and the loss of any employee financial income or benefits.

Our Monterey practice areas

We handle most types of employee complaints including:

  • Employee discrimination cases. Employers cannot discriminate against employees based on their: Race, gender, national origin, age,  disabilities, sexual orientation, and a number of other factors. There are federal and state laws that govern discrimination against most large and medium sized employers. Discrimination in the workplace can involve:
  • Wrongful termination. Firing employees because of how they look rather than their job performance. We demand employees get rehired; be paid, any lost wages, benefits, and bonuses they missed; and have their seniority adjusted so they’re not penalized.
  • Failure to hire. Job applicants must be hired based on their ability to do their work. Employers cannot discriminate based on race, national origin, or other observable factors
  • Failure to promote. Discrimination can include a failure to promote someone or give the employee opportunities for advancement based on what the employee looks like instead of how they do their work.
  • Creation of a hostile work. Employers can’t make the job uncomfortable for the worker by forcing the worker to suffer humiliation at work or not giving him/her the tools others have to do the job.
  • Whistleblower and qui tam cases. The False Claims Act allows employees in certain business sectors such as defense contracting to disclose government fraud and receive a percentage of the recovery. There are other laws for other sectors such as IRS fraud and securities fraud. Our Monterey whistleblower lawyers understand how these laws work. We advise employees on their rights to a recovery and what types of disclosures qualify for a recovery. Recovery awards generally range from 10 to 30%. Fraud includes overcharging, charging for services that were never rendered, not disclosing income on tax returns, scheming to cheat consumers, and many other types of misconduct. We also work to protect workers when employees illegally retaliate against the employee for disclosing employer fraud.
  • Sexual harassment cases. Employers cannot tolerate managers, supervisors, vendors, and anyone who can influence the career of an employee using their position of authority to gain any type of sexual favor. Employers must also have policies in place to address any effort by anyone in the company to make a person uncomfortable because of their gender. This includes verbal abuse, lewd comment or jokes, posting pictures on the Internet and making improper comments on social media. Our Monterey sexual harassment lawyers demand that improper behavior cease, that better policies be put in place, and that the employee who was sexually harassed receive substantial compensation for the wrong.
  • Wage and Hour Litigation. Employees who work overtime should be paid appropriate overtime pay. If the worker earns a bonus, the bonus should be paid on time. Workers who work longer hours are entitled to meal breaks. Our Monterey wage and hour lawyers protect the rights of employees when employers try to cheat them out of what’s rightfully due.
  • Family and medical leave laws. The California Medical Leave Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act recognize that parents, spouses, and children may need time to provide from someone in the family who is sick or needs time to adjust to the new family. These laws, which our Monterey medical leave attorneys work to enforce, allow qualified employees the right to take unpaid time off to help family members in need.
  • California workers’ compensation Act. Our Monterey workers’ compensation lawyers advocate for workers who are injured due to a workplace accident or occupational disease. We work to help workers see the right doctors, get paid 2/3 of their average weekly wages while they’re not working. We help ensure that the injured employee get compensated for the hospitals, doctors,  required health devices, and other health care companies paid for helping the worker get better. We help identify the worker’s injuries or illness as temporary or permanent and partial or fully disabling. Our lawyers assist in long-term settlements as well.
  • Other work injuries. We also represent employees in breach of contract issues, covenants that restrict their right to work in the same profession, and other labor issues.


For help with any type of employment claim, our Monterey employment lawyers have the experience and resources to get justice. To speak with a caring attorney, please call

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