Stephen Danz & Associates. Turning Employer Wrongs into Employee Rights

Stephen Danz & Associates is California’s largest law firm dedicated solely to protecting employees in their disputes with their employers. We have multiple offices across California including our Los Angeles office located at 11661 San Vicente Boulevard, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Our team of 16 attorneys understand the various laws that apply to employment litigation such as the U.S Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans against Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the False Claims Act, and the Family Law Act. These are just some of the federal laws that regulate how employers are required to treat their employees. There are California laws such as the California Labor Code and the California Medical Leave Act that our lawyers also use on behalf of employees. Our lawyers prepare each case for trial or hearing and only advise that cases be settled when the offer is fair and the client agrees.

Leading the litigation department is attorney Stephen Danz Esq. Mr. Danz has been fighting for workers since 1988 and is highly regarded in the legal and Los Angeles community. He supervises the employment cases that come through every one of the firm’s offices including Los Angeles.

Our Los Angeles employment law mission

Stephen Danz & Associates represents employees and only employees. We look at every case from the vantage point of how do we help the employee. Our lawyers are ready to try employment cases in federal and state courts and state and local Los Angeles agencies. We fight for job reinstatement and for all the benefits the employee deserves. We also demand payment of statutory damages, punitive damages, and legal fees to punish arrogant employers and to deter future misconduct.

Our Los Angeles practice areas

We handle virtually all types of employment injustices including the following:

  • Discrimination in hiring, promoting, and firing. Employers who meet a certain quantity of employees and other requirements are required to comply with a full set of federal and state discrimination laws and regulations. People who apply for a job deserve to be hired on their work qualifications, not only based on how they look. Employees who are wrongfully terminated solely because an employer doesn’t like the color of their skin or how old they are – deserve to be reinstated and to be reimbursed for everything they lost. Workers who do their job should not be denied a promotion because of a disability. Each phase of work – hiring, promotion, termination, and the ability to do the job should not be due to discrimination. We represent workers who were denied their rights based on their
    • Race
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender
    • Sexual orientation
    • National origin
    • Pregnancy


  • Whistleblower cases. Many businesses in the healthcare sector, the defense industry, the securities and financial sectors, and a range of other industry and service sectors take advantage of their ability to work with the government by cheating. The dishonesty can include charging for services that weren’t delivered, providing substandard materials, filing false tax returns, overcharging, and other forms of misrepresentation.


To discourage this fraud, the government allows employees and others who disclose fraud to be awarded a percentage of any recovery – provided the employee made the right type of disclosure and cooperated with the prosecution of the case. Our Los Angeles whistleblower and qui tam lawyers understand he disclosure requirements and guide employees through them properly. We also demand that employers who retaliate against employees rehire the worker, pay the worker any lost wages or benefits and that the employer pay additional damage for the misconduct.


  • Sexual harassment. Women and men deserve to be treated with respect at work. Employers who take advantage of their positions of authority cannot pressure employees to be intimate or do anything against their wishes in order to advance in the company –based on the employee’s sex. Sexual harassment can also include verbal abuse, whistling, leering, improper use of social media the Internet.


  • Wage and Hour Litigation. There are laws that mandate that employers pay their workers the overtime they’ve worked hard for and that the workers get paid meal breaks. Workers should also be classified properly based on their qualifications so that they are paid according to the right pay scale. We also demand that employers pay their workers all bonuses they’re due.


  • Medical leave violations. The Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Medical Leave Act give qualified employees the right to take unpaid time off to help care for a sick parent, an ill child, or a spouse who isn’t feeling well. These leave laws also apply to parents who need to take care of a new child or help an adopted child or foster child get to know his/her new family.


  • California workers’ compensation law. Our Los Angeles work injury attorneys are known for our service to injured workers and employees who have an occupational illness. We explain that fault is not required to get paid 2/3 of your lost wages and all reasonable medical bills needed to regain health. We demand that employees only return to work when they’re recovered and healthy. We also work to properly classify injuries so that patients get additional benefits if they are permanently injured in any way.


Our Los Angeles lawyers also represent workers when employers claim the worker is in possession of improper trade secrets or when the worker tries to enforce a restrictive work covenant.


For strong advocacy, please call our Los Angeles employment lawyers at the Los Angeles office of Stephen Danz & Associates. We can be reached at 877-789-9707.