Stephen Danz & Associates. Enforcing the Rights of Fresno Employees for Nearly 30 Years

Stephen Danz & Associates is a premier California litigation firm.

Our motto is : Turning Employee Wrongs into Employee Rights.

Our firm has many convenient locations throughout the state including our Fresno office located at 1401 Fulton St #802, Fresno, CA 93721

Our firm understands how upsetting it is to work hard and not get the recognition you deserve. Our legal team has seen too many Californians lose their job or not get hired because of unjust reasons such as who they look like instead of who they really are. We have the experience and skills to hold employers accountable when they fail to follow federal or state law. We fight to defend workers who have to work in a hostile work environment, who aren’t getting paid their full wages and benefits, and who are being taken advantage of by their employer. We provide justice where it is due.

Our attorneys have hundreds of years of combined litigation experience trying court and administrative claims in federal and state forums. For over 40 years, our name partner, Stephen Danz, has being helping employees get reinstated, get back pay, and ensured to be treated with dignity. All cases at the firm run through his oversight to ensure proper handling. Fresno employment attorney Stephen Danz has been recognized by his peers and former clients for his dedication and his successful track record of verdicts, affirmative orders, and settlements.

Our Fresno employment firm works only for employees

Stephen Danz & Associates does not represent employers. We are the state’s biggest employment law firm only for employees. We are trusted by the legal and Fresno communities because we understand the legal issues, investigate all the necessary facts, and anticipate most employer defenses. We prepare each case for trial or an administrative hearing and only settle when it would be in the client’s best interest and if the client agrees.

The Fresno, California office handles a broad range of employment cases

Our Fresno law office handles most kinds of employee rights cases including the following:

  • Employee discrimination. There are many federal and California laws that mandate for covered employees to be hired, fired, promoted, and trained employees solely based on their skills and talents – not their identity characteristics. Depending on the facts for every employee discrimination case, we demand the following; reinstatement, back pay and back benefits, changes made by the employer to cease having a hostile work environment, statutory damages and legal fees. Our firm handles the following types of discrimination cases:

Discrimination includes employee mistreatment based on:

  • Race
  • Disability
  • National origin
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Pregnancy
  • Military status
  • Sexual orientation

In appropriate cases, we also demand payment for punitive damages

  • Sexual harassment. Employees of either gender cannot be sexually harassed at work. Sexual harassment includes a failure to promote a person if she/he does not comply with intimate requests, verbal abuse, physical threats or attacks, and other misbehavior based on the employee’s gender.
  • Whistleblower and qui tam litigation. The U.S. Department of Justice, the IRS, and other federal agencies rely on workers to disclose fraud against the government. In many cases, the employer who discloses the fraud can receive a significant percentage of the financial award recovered from the wrongdoer – if the employee or work complies with the legal formalities. Our Fresno whistleblower attorneys understand how disclosures should be handled. We also represent employees when employers retaliate against the worker because of the disclosure.
  • Wage and Hour Litigation. Our Fresno wage and hour lawyers help employees who aren’t getting sufficient overtime pay, proper meal breaks and other statutory and contractual benefits.
    • Medical leave violations. The Federal Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was a law enacted when President Clinton was in office. It allows many children, parents, and spouses the right to take unpaid leave in specific situations. The situations include helping to care for someone who is sick and welcoming a newborn or adoptee into the family. Our lawyers also seek enforcement of the California medical leave law when it is better than the FMLA.
    • Help for injured workers. Our Fresno workers compensation attorneys represent employees who are injured on the job or who suffer an occupational illness. We demand that the worker not be forced to return to work until he/she is recovered and healthy. If they can’t return to work because of a permanent disability, we demand additional benefits. We fight to get the employee all their wages and reasonable medical bills paid. We also represent the families of workers who become deceased due to a workplace accident or disease.
    • Restrictive covenants. Our Fresno litigation team advises employees who are told they can’t work at a comparable job when they leave or who are being sued by the employer for misuse of intellectual property.

If you work for a private or public company, you have rights. At the Fresno office of Stephen Danz & Associates we’re ready to explain the rights and help you enforce those rights. To speak with a strong advocate, please call 877-789-9707 to make a free appointment.