Stephen Danz & Associates. Protecting the Rights of Bakersfield Employees and Workers since 1988

Stephen Danz & Associates is a leading employment litigation in California. We have numerous offices statewide including a Bakersfield law office located at 4900 California Avenue, Tower B 2nd Floor, Bakersfield, CA 93309

Our sixteen lawyers are strong advocates when employers discriminate against workers, fail to pay them all the wages and benefits they’ve earned, refuse to comply with federal or California laws, or create a hostile work condition. We have several hundred years of combined experience which we have used to garner some of the top employment law verdicts and settlements in the state. Attorney Stephen Danz, who has been fighting for worker justice for 40 years, he is the primary lawyer on each case. He makes sure that service for every client is superior and prioritizes putting on a human face to truly understand clients in each case the firm works on. Attorney Danz has a 10.0 Avvo rating, the top rating from one of the country’s premier legal rating services. He is also honored to be rated a SuperLawyer by another top legal agency.

Our Bakersfield employment law mission

Stephen Danz & Associates only represents employees. We are California’s largest employment law firm and have the skills, resources, and tenacity to litigate cases until a fair settlement is reached or until the case has been fought to the fullest at a trial. We also pursue administrative remedies and appeals when necessary.

The types of cases our Bakersfield employment attorneys handle

We handle virtually all types of employment injustices including the following:

  • Whistleblower cases. We help employees blow the whistle on Medicare, Medicaid, pharmaceutical, defense, securities, tax and other types of fraud. We help these honorable workers obtain a percentage of the recovery by working to show their disclosures benefited the Department of Justice or other law enforcement agencies – and that they are allowed a recovery because they met the relevant federal statutes. Our Bakersfield employment litigation lawyers also bring retaliation lawsuits when employers discharge or retaliate against workers who disclose company fraud.


  • Discrimination lawsuits. We work to get employees their jobs back, recover lost wages, lost benefits, and statutory damages when employers fail to comply with federal or state laws. We hold employers accountable who wrongfully fire, fail to hire, fail to promote or create a hostile work environment at work. Discrimination generally is not allowed based on a person’s
    • Age
    • Race
    • Gender
    • National origin
    • Sexual orientation
    • Pregnancy

We fight for clients who suffer sexual harassment at work.

In wrongful termination cases, we often also seek punitive damages to punish employers who intentionally or maliciously fire an employee

  • Wage and Hour Litigation. Our Bakersfield wage and hour lawyers have a strong record of success in cases where a worker fails to get his/her full wages and work benefits including the following case types:
  • Employee misclassification
  • Wrongfully withheld bonuses
  • Financial inducements to relocate
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Meal breaks
    • Medical leave violations. The Federal Medical Leave Act allows employees who are covered under this act, the right to take time off to help spouse, child or parent who is ill, or to care for a newborn or spend time with a newly adopted child – if the employee meets the eligibility requirements and the employer is covered under the act. California has a similar law. Our lawyers fight to make sure employers honor the law and allow workers unpaid leave without the worry about losing their job. We demand attorney’s fees where appropriate.
    • Workers compensation. Our Bakersfield work injury lawyers fight to get injured workers the lost wages they are entitled to while they can’t work or if they have a permanent disability, payment of reasonable medical bills, and vocational reimbursement costs if applicable. We also represent families to get California workers’ compensation benefits when they have tragically lost a loved one while working.

If you or anyone you know has lost a job, wages or benefits, suffered any work-related loss, been sexually harassed, or treated unfairly – the Bakersfield office of Stephen Danz & Associates is ready to help you get justice. Please call us at 877-789-9707 to schedule a free consultation.