Stephen Danz & Associates. Fighting for Victims of Employer Wrongs since 1988

Stephen Danz & Associates attorneys have helped California employees obtain over a half billion dollars in damages. We help employees who suffer workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour losses, retaliation for asserting their rights, work accidents and occupational illnesses, and other employer injuries or wrongs. Our firm has offices across California including our Alameda County office at 235 Montgomery St #1019, San Francisco, CA 94104

We have 16 attorneys and a strong legal team to help you if an employer is not treating you according to the federal and state laws. There are many laws that were specifically enacted to help employees. The U.S Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans Against Disability Act, and other laws protect against race, gender, and other forms of discrimination. The False Claims is one of numerous whistleblower laws that reward employees who disclose employers who are cheating the government. The Family and Medical Leave Work Act helps employees take time off to care for a family member who is sick.

At the forefront of our litigation team is Stephen Danz who has 40 years’ experience fighting for the rights of employee. Attorney Danz has been recognized by his legal peers as a SuperLawyer. He oversees that employee cases that come through every one of his firm’s offices.

Our Alameda County employment law mission

Stephen Danz & Associates represents only employees, not employers. We prepare each case for a trial by jury, a hearing by a judge, or a decision by a board of arbitrators. Our lawyers are highly experienced in both federal and state courts. We demand employees get wages and benefits they earned and that they get their job back if they were wrongfully fired. Our lawyers also assert that the employers should pay statutory fines or punitive damages if the employer deliberately violated the law.

Our Alameda County practice areas

Our firm handles most every type of employment case including the following legal cases:

  • Employee discrimination cases. Employers cannot discriminate against workers by failing to properly consider their work credentials during the hiring process. Employers generally cannot use identity traits when considering promotions or firing employees. Alameda County employers also cannot create a hostile workplace environment which discourages people of different backgrounds from coming to work. Employers who are covered under the federal and state discrimination laws cannot engage in the following types of discrimination:
    • Racial discrimination
    • Discrimination based on a person’s national origin
    • Gender discrimination
    • Discrimination because a person has a disability
    • Discrimination because someone is over 40
    • Discrimination because a woman is pregnant

Other forms of discrimination that are covered by the laws include discrimination based on a person’s sexual preference and their status in the U.S. military.

  • Whistleblower and qui tam cases. Whistleblowers are people who disclose that contractors aren’t being honest with the U.S. government. Qui tam claimants are whistleblowers who bring claims under the False Claims Act. Employees who properly disclose that their employer is overcharging, providing below quality products, failing to report income, or benefiting from fraudulent activity have a right to collect a percentage of any recovery based on the disclosure. There are strict requirements that must be met for the disclosure to qualify for a reward. Our Alameda County whistleblowers guide employees through the disclosure and the recovery phases. We advise employees on their rights to an award, and to be free from employer retaliation, in IRS cases, security fraud cases, fraud involving Medicare and Medicaid, improper contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense, and many other types of government fraud.
  • Sexual harassment litigation. Employers and their staff cannot use their position of authority to demand that women and men reward career promotion and advancement through sexual favors. Employers also must take steps to prevent workers from suffering sexual related indignities at work such as leering, verbal abuse, posting sensitive pictures on social media and the Internet. Our lawyers bring legal cases against employers who allow sexual harassment to take place. We demand that the harassment stop and that the victim be compensated for her/his suffering at work.
  • Wage and Hour Litigation. We represent employees when employers fail to pay them overtime, bonuses, or give them employer a lower pay scale classification than he/she deserves. We also demand that employers provide paid meal breaks when workers work long enough days or shifts.
  • Family and medical leave laws. The California Medical Leave Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act help parents, children, and spouses care for relatives who are sick. The laws also help parents take time off when a new child is born, the parents adopt a new child, or the parents become foster parents. Employers who are covered by the laws are required to give employees who have worked enough time unpaid leave to help when health issues and new family relationship issues arise.
  • Work injury representation. Employees who are hurt on the job or who suffer an occupational illness are generally entitled to 2/3 of their lost wages and medical payments while they take time off to get better. The California workers’ compensation laws also require that workers not be forced to work before they are healthy. Our lawyers pursue these work injury rights. Our Alameda County lawyers also demand that injuries be properly classified, that vocational training be made available for employees who qualify, and that long-term settlements be considered.

At Stephen Danz & Associates, we also represent employees fight for their rights if they entered into a written contract and work to limit or remove any restrictive work agreements. We also help workers when employers make false claims against the employee

If your employer treated you unfairly, you don’t think you’re getting the income and benefits or respect you deserve, you may have a legal claim against the employer. For answers and strong legal counsel, please call us at 877-789-9707 to arrange an appointment.